The best free computer screen recording software with high quality


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Screen recorder programs for the computer are ideal for those who want to record screen audio and video while playing computer games or when explaining something, with the aim of uploading it to a social network or sharing it with friends.

The task of recording a computer screen (whether a laptop or a desktop computer), using Screen Recorder software, may be a great idea if you want to start creating educational videos and posting them online, to help your followers or to prepare a presentation on a topic.

Screen Recording for PC

We have included in this list the best free software for the computer, which runs on Windows 7 and also Windows 10, which enables you to capture the screen with high quality audio and video.

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1. Ezvid Software

Ezvid lets you record the main screen, and comes with its own built-in video editor with which you can split the clips you’ve recorded, and add scripts between the videos.


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2. DVDVideoSoft

DVDVideoSoft’s free Screen Video Recorder program is simple and easy to understand. It contains nine buttons in its interface, the first four of which contain screen recording options, and the other is for organizing your screen better and accessing the program’s settings.


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3. ShareX

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4. OBS Studio

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5. Apowersoft

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6. Screen Recorder Pro

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7. Free Cam

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