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This explanation will consist of two stages: downloading the tool to the computer and burning the tool files on a bootable USB flash drive, then starting to format the computer by deleting all the files on the hard disk.

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  1. Rufus from the program page on our website
  2. Then open the program after downloading it
  3. Connect the USB flash drive to the computer
  4. Click on the Select button, then choose the ISO file of the tool
  5. Click the Start button to start


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Steps to delete files from the computer and ensure that they are not recovered

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If you have more than one hard disk connected to the computer, it is recommended to remove all of them except for the hard disk that you want to permanently delete the files inside.

You must first connect a USB flash drive. .

p Imp turn on the chord and appear house the lf screen, p # the special button and time (boot menu) in keyboards ughterhod f12 button. USB from the options shown to you.

Then the main screen of the DBAN tool will appear to you as shown in the following image, type autonuke and press Enter to start erasing the files permanently.


Note: You can cancel the process whenever you want by turning off your computer.


. Just eject the USB and hold the STOP button

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