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Download Total AV Antivirus for PC via direct link

The Total AV program is one of the most important and controversial virus protection programs as it offers many benefits to all computer users and the user can try it. and with the program’s simple interface, few settings, and unique control method, you will have a great time to discover and test all the features, and you will be amazed by its benefits, and Totallove Antivirus has all the features you need. which make it easy to get maximum protection to keep your PC safe, fast and lightning fast.

DirectUp is pleased to provide you today with a simplified explanation of everything related to the most powerful antivirus program for computer and you can follow everything we offer again, computer programs by visiting Computer Software Downloads 2020 with a direct download link.

:: Download Total AV Antivirus for PC via direct link ::

The AV group is considered one of the most advanced and best programs among its counterparts of protection programs and antiviruses, and the antimalware program is accompanied by advanced real-time database protection technology to obtain complete protection against malicious threats and viruses, as the program runs, complete checking all computer files. In order for the user to see that the device is completely safe, it is important for the user to know that the program helps to remove malware and files, and automatically removes duplicate files that weigh down the computer, as well as improves battery health and clears the data of the browser you use.

:: The main features and capabilities of the program for protecting against viruses for your computer ::

One of the most important features and capabilities of the program is its ability to receive antivirus protection along with various scan options such as quick scan, full scan, USBScanning, and the company that designed and developed the program, has developed versions for all Windows-based devices such as Mac, iOS, and Android, and each version has different capabilities and features.

Among the main features of the program are anti-worm, anti-trojan horse, anti-rootkit, powerful anti-phishing and anti-spyware protection, and thanks to this program, the most wonderful user gets VPNhard disk cleaner and system performance tool, each user also gets a personal firewall to add another layer of protection when browsing the Internet, you can contact the support team by phone, email and chat.

:: Benefits of running TotalAve Antivirus ::

  • This is a powerful antivirus that protects your computer and all its files from any threats.
  • The program has excellent anti-virus capabilities for protection, as well as various scanning options, such as quick scan, full scan, USBscan photo,
  • One of the main features of the program is the anti-worm.
  • Antitroyan.
  • Anti-rootkit.
  • Powerful antiphishing.
  • the user gets VPN.
  • One of the main advantages of the program is the ability to work on only 5 devices.
  • The software protects your operating system on your computer.
  • Supports operating system Windows XP/Vista/Windows 7/Windows 8/Windows 10.

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