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Download CopyQ, the most powerful computer copying program, from a direct link

Download CopyQ, the most powerful PC copy software, from the direct link. program CopyQ It is the most powerful copy program that you can use to copy a large number of files to your computer’s clipboard. It is a clipboard manager that all computer users can use to manage the Windows clipboard. Thanks to its use, you can save more than one element to the clipboard by default, and every time you copy a file or cut a file, the program saves all changes to the clipboard, more precisely, all your texts and files, you can save, paste, delete or copy them, through the Copy Q group, specially designed for Windows PC, and it is important that you, the user of the program, know that you can run it completely and completely from Copy Q, the Copy Q program supports languages ​​and platforms interfaceMultiplexing (Windows, Linux, Mac) and minimal impact on computer performance.

DirectUp is pleased to provide you today with a simplified form to explain the most powerful copying tool for the computer, CopyQ. with a direct download link.

:: Benefits of running CopyQ, the most powerful copy program for a computer with a direct link::

  • CopyQ Software An excellent program that allows the user to keep track of all the work steps you are working on in important projects.
  • This is a very simple and intuitive program.
  • It contains many advanced default settings to help you manage, record and reuse clips, and with full user support, it makes it easy to access the features of your operating system.
  • And through the program settings that do not take much time, you can easily select the installation components.
  • You can also exclude other components of your choice.
  • Through the program, you can choose a complete package that contains text extensions and text translations, images, web pages, as well as notes and lots of personal data.
  • You can also use the encryption feature, which is easy to use to encrypt important files.
  • Contains editor FakeWim.
  • Synchronize the object with disk and object tags.

:: Description of running the CopyQ program for the computer::

Coby Q Program A versatile copy program that provides the user with a very easy way to keep track of all files on the clipboard or makes it easy to reuse files on the clipboard or view them at another time where you can easily access the taskbar area or you can access the clipboard by launching the Keyboard Shortcuts panel.

With our amazing CopyQ program, you can take all your notes, edit any text, export tabs, and then export them to another location on your computer at another time. You can also turn off storage and saving, and manage all the operations that you want run on the computer by doing Arrange either descending or ascending and create many tabs.

:: Steps that CopyQ performs before and after installation ::

Before installation, you must select automatic launch at Windows startup. This is for those who want to install the program and not run it directly through a USB flash drive, and this is for those who are dealing with a portable version of Windows program.

You must select one of the available options and customize them. These specializations include web page display layout, taskbar icon-based notifications, notes, images, plain text, and HTMLSimply put, sync the elements.

After starting the program, you can export the files that you previously classified into commentBefore resorting to the search function for selected sections, where you can arrange or swap elements, create a new one with a new name, delete tabs, change the appearance of the program icon, or disable saving to the clipboard.

After installation, it will be located either on the disk or in the system tray in the system tray area. After installation, it will be sent there automatically, and will work with Windows start, and then the copy tool will copy After installation, you can click on the icon and view all the files in device clipboard, and copy, delete or paste any file.

:: Requirements for running CopyQ on a computer to save and copy files::

  1. This program supports the operating system Windows XP/Vista/Windows 7/Windows 8/Windows 10.
  2. Supports dual core operation 64-bit, 32-bit.
  3. Supports playback Windows and Linux.

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