PC Manager: Coming Soon Windows Optimization Software with Just a Few Clicks

Coming Soon Windows Optimization

PC Manager is an optimization program similar to CCleaner. It does not bring new functionality, but it consolidates and facilitates access to those scattered throughout Windows. It is now available in a public beta.

To clean your Windows PC, we need a program: CCleaner. But Microsoft can also offer its own tool, called PC Manager. Some developers from the blog Aggiornamenti Lumia discovered a public beta version of this software and posted screenshots on Twitter:

The cleaning section of this tool shows the percentage of memory used and storage space occupied by temporary files. The Boost button clears temporary files and frees up memory to increase computer performance. The cleaning section also provides four functions: computer health check, storage management, process management, and control of applications that are executed at startup. These functions are already in Windows, but this allows them to be grouped together for easy access.

Another screenshot shows that it is possible to delete other types of items such as records and recent file list. The program also offers to disable some programs at startup and solve potential problems. But for the latter case, the only available solution is to use Edge as the default browser. The last screenshot shows the Security section of PC Manager. This button contains a Process button that then starts Windows Defender and gives access to Windows updates and browser protection options.

For starters, this software has the advantage of compiling several maintenance functions that are usually scattered throughout Windows. We also note that there is no important function of CCleaner: cleaning the registry. Maybe Microsoft thinks it’s too risky? Because improper use can cause problems in running applications, or even the operating system.

Microsoft has not announced when PC Manager will be officially available. But if you want to test this tool out, you can download the public trial version located at Microsoft. But, for some strange reason, this official website (secure connection with a certificate signed by Microsoft Corporation) is in Chinese.

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