Download WhatsApp 2022 for free


Download WhatsApp 2022 for free

Download WhatsApp 2022 is a messaging application available for Android, iPhone, Blackberry and Nokia, WhatsApp is used to send and receive text messages, voice messages, photos, videos and free calls, WhatsApp 2022 is one of the most famous and largest social networking programs in the world, as the number of downloads has exceeded hundreds of millions! From all over the world, WhatsApp has managed to reach this super speed due to several amazing features that the program has countless.

WhatsApp has a simple and attractive design and is also easy to use, it is not complicated to make it easy for any user to use it without even education, but whoever you talk to from your friends or family should also prove that it is a giant application!, Facebook acquired WhatsApp from the beginning of last year, and the name of the WhatsApp program goes back to the American phrase (Whats Up), which means " how is it?"

Features of the Whatsapp WhatsApp program

  • Easy to use, simple interface.
  • The company is always working on developing it so that users do not get bored with its usual form.
  • You can receive and send text messages and also voice messages.
  • You can send and receive photos, videos, audio clips and geographical location.
  •  You can shoot or record a video of current scenes from your location and send them directly from within the program.
  • You can chat with your friends by voice only through the free call feature, which allows you to call and chat with your friends without limits on call time and at no cost.
  • You can use the group chat feature that allows you and your friends to chat together in one chat screen, but only text messages.
  • WhatsApp 2022 communicates with your number book to link the application with the contacts that have the program and automatically adds new people within the application. 
  • Through WhatsApp, don't worry about logging in and out anymore, because you are always logged in, you won't lose any messages. 
  • If the device is locked, the internet connection is locked, or notifications are lost, WhatsApp will also save your Messages for you.
  • WhatsApp connects to the internet through (2G,3G,4G, EDGE, Wi-Fi).
  • You can put a personal photo of you and you can control it as you like where you can choose that no one sees it, everyone sees it, or only registered numbers see it.
  • Through The Last Seen feature, you can find out the last time someone you want was online, but he can and you can hide it because no one knows when you were last online.
  • You have three lists, a list of your last call, a list of your last conversations, and a list of all registered numbers used for WhatsApp.
  • Through the Block feature, you can stop anyone you don't want to send you anything, whatever, and it will be hidden from you and you will be hidden from him.
  • There is also a so-called Status that will express what you want to say and that will appear under your name for the other two, as there is a virtual Status from which you can choose one.

Information about the Whatsapp whatsapp program

Home page: Homepage

Version: WhatsApp for Windows 2.2210.9.0 / WhatsApp for Android

Program size: 115 / 143 / 47 MB

License: Freeware

Download WhatsApp for PC x32 bit

Download WhatsApp for x64-bit computer

Download WhatsApp for Android

Download WhatsApp for iPhone

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