Download Viber 2022 Free software for PC and mobile


Download Viber 2022 Free Viber software for PC and mobile

Download 2022 Viber is one of the most important programs for communicating with friends, relatives and anyone you love, and Viber works through the internet like the rest of the other applications, Viber is one of the irreplaceable programs nowadays for its great importance in communicating with whomever you want at any time and anywhere, and Viber has become one of the most famous applications among millions of users for its wonderful and important features, as it works on most smartphones and operating systems, it is an easy and flexible application that the company is constantly developing to meet the requirements of users, where through Viber you can send and receive messages text and calls Audio and video (video) from all over the world easily and conveniently and all this for free.

Features of the Viber Viber program

Viber application is easy to handle, free, does not require experience, does not require registration or purchase, just download and install it on your personal device or phone.

Viber supports many languages, including English, French, Russian, Chinese, Italian, German and many more.

It features an attractive interface, simple and easy to handle, and suits different tastes and ages.

Through Viber, you can make free voice calls with high purity and quality, and you can also send text messages, photos, and videos to your loved ones.

You can also make high-quality and high-purity free video calls.

Through Viber, you can create a large group of friends with up to 100 subscribers per group.  

Viber software is compatible and works on most different computer and phone operating systems such as Windows, Mac, Android, Blackberry, iPhone, Symbian.  

The Viber Viber program also allows you to conduct group conversations through it with ease.

It works on the third generation 3G and fourth generation 4G network and also works on Wi-Fi, it fits various networks.  

The program alerts you in case there is a call or message for you so as not to miss it.

The wonderful drag-and-drop feature in Viber, through which you can move the program anywhere on the screen during a conversation or even drag it to the main screen with ease and convenience.

The Viber Viber program has a beautiful set of emoticons and expressions that make the conversation with it a kind of humor with whom you are talking with.

The Viber program has two very important features, the first is to find out who the last person was online and the time he was online, and the second feature is read, through which you know whether the recipient of the message has read the message or not.

Information about the Viber program

Home page: Homepage

Version: Viber for Windows

Compatible with: Windows, Mac, Android, Blackberry, iPhone, Symbian, Nokia.

Software license: free

Size: 123 Mb

Download the Viber computer program

Download Viber app for Android

Download the Viber app for iPhone

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