Download the 2022 Connectify Hotspot latest version


Download the 2022 Connectify Hotspot latest version

Download 2022 Connectify Hotspot it is an important program to convert a computer device into a WiFi Repeater signal repeater from which you can send internet to any other device via WiFi with ease and the Connectify program is one of the powerful programs that helps you share the internet with other devices the Connectify program features a simple interface, easy and fast performance and allows you to configure and control the internet hotspot helps users manage and control the transmission and sharing of the internet with other internet receivers such as a personal computer PC Laptop, mobile phone, iPad iPad, tablet Tablet and other devices that need internet and have the property of receiving an internet signal through WiFi, it is a more than wonderful internet sharing program that also works in Bridging Mode and the developer of the program is constantly developing and updating it.

Features and characteristics of the Connectify Hotspot program

A powerful and easy-to-use program that allows you to control and comprehensively control the internet that is taken from your device.

The Connectify program through which you can create a WiFi Hotspot and connect many devices to it easily and conveniently by sharing the internet with other devices.

The Connectify program gives you detailed statistics on the amount of data used by devices in your Network and you know this by choosing the statistics section tab to be constantly informed about the consumption of each user.

In order to protect the network, you can create a username and password for the network to protect it and give the password to the user you want to use the internet in your Network only.

The Connectify Hotspot program also uses a high type of protection, which is WPA2-PSK encryption, like a Router with all its protection measures.

Using the program, you can convert a wired internet connection to a Wireless Network at the push of a button.

The Connectify program has the ability to send and receive files between devices connected to the network via a Wireless connection without the need for an internet connection, as it acts as an internal network.

Information about the Connectify Hotspot program

Home page: Homepage

Version: connect Hotspot 2021.0.1.40136

Size: 10.6 MB

License: Free

Compatible with: (Windows (All Versions

Download it from here

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