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Apple will now show more ads on the App Store

Apple will now show more ads on the App Store

Starting next Tuesday, October 25, Apple will add app-related ads to the Today tab in the App Store. This marks a new milestone for Apple, which intends to increase its profits thanks to its users.

Apple has been selling ads within Apple News and the App Store since 2016, but in recent months, the US company has shown some interest in a sector dominated by Google, Meta and Amazon. In fact, last summer Apple expanded the ways companies could pay to reach customers, including allowing them to purchase ads on the first page of the App Store.

Apple confirmed this novelty on its support page for developers. As it said on the webpage:

“With Today’s Tab Ad, your app can appear more prominently on the first page of the App Store, making it one of the first pieces of content that users see when they start their App Store visit.”

Apple developer support page

Ads are coming to your iPhone this week

After the first announcement in September, Apple had started contacting developers to inform them that new commercials would be released on October 25, which is tomorrow. Ads will appear in the respective regional app stores in all countries where Apple is present, with the exception of China.

In addition to the “Today” section, these new ads will also appear in the “You may also like” section. We imagine that developers will now seek to publish their apps by relying on those created by other developers to easily highlight their projects.

This will effectively allow competitors to advertise on their competitors’ pages, or increase the cost to the developer of that space to protect against it. So expect to see Apple’s earnings explode thanks to this novelty. Apple’s vice president of advertising platforms, Todd Tracy, previously announced plans to dramatically grow the advertising business and push its revenue into double digits from the current $4 billion a year.

Bloomberg also reported that the US giant is testing ads internally in Apple Maps and that it could also integrate them into other apps like podcasts and Box. So Apple has become a true advertising giant, much to the chagrin of iPhone users.

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