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Android 13 will arrive on Windows 11 before it reaches your smartphone!

Android 13 will arrive on Windows 11

Windows 11 prepares to welcome Android 13 via the Windows subsystem for Android.

One of the cool new features it introduced in Windows 11 This is a Windows Subsystem for Android (WSA) feature that allows you to take advantage of the Android experience on your PC.

Suffering from interface and performance issues in its early days, WSA has improved with updates and is now faster and more efficient. But Microsoft doesn’t intend to stop there and has posted a roadmap for the future of WSA on GitHub.

We learned that the American company is working on the transition from the Windows subsystem for Android to the latest major version of the latter, which is Android 13Officially available since mid-August 2022 on smartphones and tablets.

So far, very few peripheral models still support Android 13. Of course, Google Pixel has the right to update it, but third-party manufacturers are still tuning their overlay to deploy Android 13 on their devices. This can take time: months, sometimes even years, if you don’t have a modern mobile phone with you. Depending on how fast Microsoft is, Android 13 may reach Windows 11, via WSA, before you can enjoy it on your smartphone.

What’s new in WSA with Android 13?

According to the roadmap provided by Microsoft, Android 13 will bring several new features to WSA, including file transfer between WSA and Windows, picture-in-picture mode for displaying Android apps that encapsulate the native interface of Windows as well as access to the local network by default.

The Windows subsystem for Android is currently being rolled out gradually to Windows 11. The latest update includes better in-game performance, improvements for game controllers, better mouse, and keyboard support, and better integration with the operating system.

WSA can be upgraded to Android 13 with a stable release as early as the first quarter of 2023.

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