Now download Google Chrome 2022 with a direct link for free

Now download Google Chrome 2022 with a direct link for free

Download Google Chrome 2022 for free, as Google Chrome is one of the fastest browsers on the internet since the first version of Google Chrome was launched to become in a short period the most widely used browser globally, and with the many competing browsers, Google Chrome, with the continuous development of its versions, is the browser that gives you the distinctive, fast and safest experience.

Learn about the features of the Google Chrome browser

Speed: JavaScript has made the Google Chrome browser an extraordinary speed in opening applications, in addition to the Webkit design engine that loads and opens pages very quickly, as well as search and navigation options and a simplified user interface all contribute significantly to the speed advantage of this giant browser.

Simple interface: for more than ten years, and in various versions, Google Chrome has maintained its distinctive, simple interface that has won everyone’s approval, Google has chosen to reduce the toolbars and options in its browser to reduce the many details that the interfaces of all competing browsers suffer from, with a rectangle address URL that allows you to search directly from the Google Search Engine the best of all.

Security: through the Chrome Sandboxing feature, Google Chrome browser can prevent any malicious programs from automatic installation on the operating system, and you always find alerts that the site you are visiting contains malicious programs, activities, tracking or phishing tools that may harm your device with advice to exit this site, and do not forget the incognito mode that makes you browse freely without historical registration and disables cookies that are always traceable, and you can customize this also in normal browsing from Settings.

Customization: a very large selection of Applications, Utilities and themes themes that will provide you with a very distinctive experience of the Google Chrome browser.

The browser works on all operating systems for all types of devices (disk top – and all mobile devices).

You can log in to the browser with your Google account, and then you can back up your contacts, preferences, passwords, saved location records, Bookmarks and all gadgets, and use this backup on any devices you use through the same account.

PDF file viewer inside the browser you will never need to install a dedicated program to view PDF files as long as you use the Google Chrome browser.

Resume the last pages you left when the browser is closed by force, you will never lose your important pages that you are browsing.

The ability to reopen tabs that you have accidentally closed through the Reopen closed tap feature.

Automated filling of web forms that you filled out earlier in case of saving, you will not have to manually type your data every time you register on a new site, for example.

The auto-update feature of Google Chrome while any new versions are available.

Support for most languages of the world and you rarely find another browser that includes all this amount of languages, including Arabic.

Technical information of the Google Chrome program

Official website: Homepage

Software version: Google Chrome 103.0.5060.66

Program size: 81 MB

Compatible with operating systems: Windows XP / Windows 7 / Windows 8 / Windows 10

License: Freeware

Supports operating systems: 32 Bit / 64 Bit

Download the browser from here

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