BitGigs: Bitcoin Work Board Discussion Forum For Cryptocurrency Payments?

BitGigs is an on the internet task board where users can request or provide freelance work, all to be paid in Bitcoins. Though the website declares to evaluate all posts, there is a chaotic side, with several unusual and also raunchy listings. The website supplies no details regarding who established or preserves it, and much of its articles appear to be years old.

Concerning BitGigs

BitGigs supplies no details about itself; the website's "Concerning United States" area is entirely blank. The site has released two blog posts, one explaining exactly how to obtain even more business with the site, and one featuring a short video introducing the website. The video, " What will you do for a bitcoin?", is less than a minute long, does not identify its makers, as well as is told by a creature.

The intro video was published to Youtube in 2011, recommending that the site is at the very least that old, and also its a number of its messages appear to be from this time duration. The messages have actually no year attached to their dates, but web links to MySpace pages as well as asked for costs of over 5 Bitcoins for straightforward tasks mean their age.
In the seven years considering that it was uploaded, the video has actually just been watched approximately 800 times, indicating that BitGigs has done little to market itself and also has up until now failed to gain any significant appeal.

It's unclear exactly how BitGigs makes any money from its item, considering that the site enables individuals to add posts completely free, and also consists of no advertising. It does note a Bitcoin purse address where customers can send contributions, yet it does little to solicit them.

The Item

BitGigs' work board allows customers to both request and also deal services. Approximately half of the listings are for specialist solutions generally found on more mainstream freelance work sites, like Upwork and Fiverr: writing, programming, video clip and music manufacturing, visuals style, language lessons, etc.

Others are much unfamiliar person, such as training in occult magic, psychic readings, a "100% genuine praise," and professional computer game playing. Numerous articles, specifically in the "Enjoyable/ Strange" section, deal raunchy photos as well as videos. Practically every listing on BitGigs is from an individual attempting to offer a service, with none requesting to acquire one.
BitGigs does not consist of an online reputation system for customers to price one another, so every deal requires the customers' cautious discernment. There is also no escrow system to hold funds while a service is being performed, so customers can conveniently be ripped off by carrying out a solution without repayment, or the other way around. Adding these features can substantially boost customers' count on as well as motivate much more business to experience the site.

The Chance

BitGigs enables freelancers to offer their solutions in exchange for Bitcoins. The idea is entirely logical; freelance job accounts for an increasingly large market of economic situation, and much of these workers would value the immediate, convenient payments that Bitcoins can enable.

However, the website is far less professional than a lot of independent markets: it lacks common features to promote trust fund between customers, it notes odd individual services alongside specialist ones, and also the website offers no info regarding itself whatsoever.

The Decision For BitGigs

A freelance job board for Bitcoin users is an intriguing suggestion; it allows self-employed workers to receive prompt settlement without middlemen, as well as it is significantly enticing as cryptocurrencies continue to expand in popularity. Nevertheless, attributes like a credibility score system and also escrow holding could include a level of count on that BitGigs presently does not have.

Additionally, the website does little to separate its professional services from its personal ones, and also listings appear to never end. Customers are not in danger for exploitation from the website itself, since it needs no individual information, however it not does anything to regulate interaction or settlement in between individuals.
There is a precise location for BitGigs in the modern-day labor market, yet the site ought to clean itself up as well as supply far more transparent info about itself in order to appeal to significant experts.