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Download Instagram 2021, where Instagram is one of the most important social networking sites, as the application allows its users to share photos and videos with friends for free with features that you will not find in others. You can distinguish your photos using filters and edit them before sharing. Instagram is the most powerful photo-sharing application in the world, its developers have tried since it appeared in 2010 to distinguish it from many existing and competing social networking applications and sites, and after Facebook bought it in 2012, they succeeded in making it the best photo-sharing application among all competitors with the testimony of users around the world. The Instagram program is not only of interest to individuals, but companies and marketing specialists can manage their business and bring in a lot of customers through Instagram. Artists, entrepreneurs and major brands around the world seek to establish a presence, establish their fan base, and even grow it through their activity on Instagram. You have followers who care about you, share the most beautiful photos and videos with the wonderful customization capabilities provided by the Instagram program and get your target audience in terms of their inclinations and interests, and a lot of other features, let's get to know them.

Instagram features and features

Share photos and videos with family and friends around the world.

The ability to edit photos before publishing them by adding filters and aesthetic touches.

The ability to share the tastes, feelings, preferences, inclinations and ideas that your audience cares about.

Use Instagram for business and marketing too.

Allows you to submit content according to your geographical location, this feature enables you to view content from your country only.

Reply to friends' comments with Emoticons and Stickers within photos.

Search for hashtags to access all related posts.

Scheduling posts This feature is useful for giving commands to publish the selected topic at a specific time.

The Boomerang feature allows you to shoot and display a short video in slow motion that looks fun and beautiful.

Instagram users love the ability to broadcast live in it, you can share events with your friends by video, moment by moment.

Surveys are useful for people who use Instagram for their business, so they know what their customers think.

Add Stories Stories to get the most engagement from your followers and can be used as promotions.

The ability to tag friends on the news feed or in stories.

An option (learn more) that you can activate in the stories mode, while promoting a specific thing, so you put an external link to a page or site under (learn more).

The feature (rotating images) enables you to upload up to a maximum of 10 images in the same publication and they are displayed in the form of distinctive and attractive Slides.

Creative with free pens you can write in your own handwriting and choose different colors to write on your stories

It is easy to use, its interface is simple and attractive, and you can choose from 34 languages ​​around the world, including (Arabic).

And more than those features that we mentioned, you will discover for yourself when you use Instagram, which is trusted by millions of users who are actively present daily around the world, whether they are individuals, businesses or public figures. Instagram can contribute to a lot of followers’ interaction with you, download the application now and enjoy it.

Instagram app info

Official website: Homepage

Compatible with: Android Android, iPhone iPhone

License: Free

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