Internet Downloadmanager 2021 for the computer

Internet Download manager 2021 for the computer is one of the most important computer programs that cannot be dispensed with for any computer user, as it is used to download audio and video files from any site to the computer at great speed and in record time.

IDM program is compatible with various types of browsers as a third party to download files directly after clicking on a direct link, it will show the ability to download on the application and provide you with a number of options, including starting the download after the process will show you useful information such as percentage, remaining time, file link in addition to the download speed and you can Determine the speed that you think is appropriate in case you want to browse to the download side, immediately after downloading the files, the anti-virus will search the downloaded files in accordance with the program.

Internet Download Manager Features IDM
Ability to resume downloading

Set download speed

Scheduling files to download at another time you specify

Support for most popular browsers

It is available in multiple languages, including english

Resume downloading in the event that downloads have stopped due to lost connections, network problems, computer shutdowns, or unexpected power outages.

The use of modern technology that helps to split the large file, which increases the download speed.

Support all internet browsers such as Opera, Firefox, Google Play, Internet Explorer and all other popular browsers in addition to handling downloads automatically.

The feature of dragging and dropping files and setting the time required for the Internet Download Manager to download the files you want and then shutdown your computer when this is done.

 Support for many international languages ​​such as Arabic, French, German, English and others.

The feature of safe download of files from the Internet, where it is ensured that they are free from viruses, malware, Trojans and spyware.

Information about the Internet Download Manager IDM

Program version: 6.38.18

Program size: 10.0 MB

Publisher: Tonec FZE.

Program compatibility: Windows versions

License: Trial version

Download the Internet Download Manager program

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