The latest updates since the outbreak of the Corona virus

The most important events that have occurred since the outbreak of the Corona virus, the most important measures that have occurred since the outbreak of the Corona virus, complete statistics since the outbreak of the Corona virus, the number of cases in all states in numbers, a full update since the outbreak (COVID-19).
The latest updates since the outbreak of the Corona virus
The latest updates since the outbreak of the Corona virus

 The most important events that have occurred since the outbreak of the Corona virus

 News about the coronavirus episode that began in Wuhan, China, is evolving quickly. The respiratory disease, named COVID-19 by the World Health Organization (WHO), is firmly identified with SARS and MERS. Most of the cases are no longer in China, and the sickness has been analyzed in excess of 100 different nations, including the United States. We'll give the most recent reports on cases, passings, travel limitations, and increasingly here.

What is the most recent news?

The coronavirus has now totally included the United States as West Virginia Gov. Jim Justice declared his state's previously affirmed case.

West Virginia was the remainder of the 50 states and Washington, D.C., just as Puerto Rico and different U.S. regions, to have a solitary affirmed instance of COVID-19, the sickness brought about by the new coronavirus. In the interim, the quantity of worldwide cases has passed 200,000, as indicated by Johns Hopkins University, which has been following cases around the world. Problem areas keep on swelling across Europe and, just because the infection is taking steps to spread over the entirety of Africa.

In the U.S., the number of cases dashed past 6,100 and murdered 111 Americans.

President Donald Trump declared Wednesday that he was sending two Navy emergency clinic movements to significant urban communities needing clinical assistance. One, the USNS Comfort will make a beeline for New York and the USNS Mercy presently docked in San Diego, will cruise for a west coast city to be resolved. Both require work before being set into administration.

"They can dispatch throughout the following week or somewhere in the vicinity," Trump said.

With an end goal to support testing endeavors the nation over, Trump additionally said he is requesting that the FDA accelerate potential endorsement of a home test for coronavirus. "The gatherings are taking a shot at deciding whether a 'self-swab' by an individual is as viable as the other."

Deborah Birx, MD, White House Coraonvirus Task Force reaction facilitator, said getting private labs to help with testing has facilitated the logjam of gathered examples. It additionally, she cautioned, will probably mean up to seven days of a lot higher quantities of affirmed cases. "Our bends won't be steady until some time one week from now," she said.

In different updates:

Trump reported he and Canadian Prime Minister Justin Trudeau have consented to close their particular outskirts to vacationers and trivial travel. Exemptions will be made for exchange, he said.

The Housing and Urban Development office will stop all dispossessions and expulsions in HUD properties until the finish of April.

The White House on Wednesday asked all specialists and emergency clinics to delay unimportant clinical and dental methods however left it to the states to conclude whether to authorize bans.

The coronavirus' effect on American life keeps on developing. All the more retail locations began shutting their entryways, the Kentucky Derby was moved to the fall, and New York City Mayor Bill DeBlasio said he was thinking about a "cover set up" request for the city. More states instituted measures to close bars and cafés, and Ohio dropped its presidential essential. Entertainer Idris Elba and Brooklyn Nets star Kevin Durant joined the positions of individuals testing positive for the infection.

The White House recently asked individuals the nation over to keep away from social events of in excess of 10 individuals, to abstain from eating at or visiting bars, eateries, and nourishment courts, and to evade optional travel. The rules are as a result of 15 days and will be re-evaluated after that.

Trump likewise, in any case, said he was not yet prepared to require an across the country isolate or check-in time.

"We've settled on the choice to additionally toughen the rules and obtuse the disease currently," Trump said. "We'd much preferably be on top of things over behind it."

"With half a month of centered activity, we can turn the corner," he said. However, Trump additionally cautioned that the episode could go on until "August, could be July, could be longer than that." Many schools and colleges are shut, and individuals who can are being asked to telecommuting.

Authorities additionally said they will reevaluate the rules following 15 days and that they may be broadened. The direction came that day Anthony Fauci, MD, chief of the National Institute of Allergy and Infectious Diseases, said that the primary human preliminaries of a potential immunization started in Seattle.

Prior this week, the Trump organization reported endeavors it said will bring coronavirus testing into another stage this week. VP Mike Pence said at Sunday news instructions that more than 1.9 million tests will open up and in excess of 2,000 labs are prepared to process them rapidly. 

U.S. Confirmed Coronavirus Cases (with known locations)

Simultaneously, the U.S. General Health Service is working with the Federal Emergency Management Agency (FEMA) to set up pass-through and stroll up locales in every one of the 50 states. Tests will be organized for medicinal services laborers, specialists on call, and individuals in the most elevated hazard gatherings, including anybody more than 65 years of age and individuals with traded off resistant frameworks. The new locales ought to have the option to lead 2,000 to 4,000 tests per day and will be set up on a moving premise, authorities said.

They cautioned that the inclined up testing will cause a spike in the number of positive cases. "The most exceedingly awful is yet ahead for us," said Fauci. "It is the way we react to the test that will figure out what a definitive endpoint will be."

While general wellbeing authorities caution of more cases to come, they express that the hazard to the open stays low. Information in China indicated that about 80% of cases there were mellow. Individuals at higher danger of having progressively serious cases incorporate those more than 65 and individuals with basic conditions or traded off safe frameworks. 

U.S. Wellbeing and Human Services Alex Azar said the objective of general wellbeing endeavors is to postpone and "smooth the bend" of cases to keep emergency clinics from coming up short on the ability to think about debilitated people. Measures to battle the infection heightened after the WHO considered it a pandemic a week ago.

What number of individuals have been determined to have the infection, and what number of have kicked the bucket?

As indicated by the European CDC, about 42% of the worldwide cases are in China. More than 80,000 are affirmed outside of China in 150 nations and locales and each landmass with the exception of Antarctica. Italy, Iran, and Spain are the nations with the most cases outside of China. The infection has caused in excess of 7,800 passings around the world.

Italy, Iran, and Spain have the most passings outside China.

What number of instances of COVID-19 are in the United States?

There are in excess of 4,300 cases in the U.S. of COVID-19 and in excess of 70 passings. That number incorporates 46 voyage transport travelers that tried positive among the more than 300 cleared by the U.S. a month ago and another three cases in individuals repatriated to the U.S. from China.

Cases in the U.S:

New York: 2,382

Washington: 1,012 (incorporates 4 emptied travelers)

California: 740 (incorporates 24 individuals emptied from China)

New Jersey: 267

Massachusetts: 218

Florida: 216

Louisiana: 196

Illinois: 160

Colorado: 160

Georgia: 146

Texas: 120 (incorporates 8 emptied travelers)

Pennsylvania: 99

Tennessee: 73

Wisconsin: 72

North Carolina: 69

Connecticut: 68

Virginia: 67

Ohio: 67

Oregon: 65

Michigan: 65

Minnesota: 60

Maryland: 57

Utah: 52

Nevada: 48

South Carolina: 47

Nebraska: 39 (incorporates 15 emptied journey transport travelers, 7 have since been discharged)

Alabama: 39

Indiana: 39

Mississippi: 34

Maine: 32

Washington, DC: 31

Iowa: 29

Kentucky: 26

New Hampshire: 26

Rhode Island: 23

New Mexico: 23

Arkansas: 22

Arizona: 20

Delaware: 19

Oklahoma: 19

Vermont: 17


Missouri: 16

Wyoming: 15

Hawaii: 14

South Dakota: 11

Montana: 11

Idaho: 9

The Frozen North: 6

North Dakota: 5

West Virginia: 1

Not known: 4 (One voyage transport traveler who tried positive in Japan, however, was negative before getting back, and 3 other journey transport travelers).

Passings in the U.S.:

Washington state: 54. Twenty-nine are related to the Life Care Center's talented nursing office in King County, Washington.

New York: 12. One, a 65-year-elderly person from Suffern, northwest of New York City, had critical medical issues, authorities said. The second, an 82-year-elderly person, kicked the bucket in Brooklyn on Friday. Others incorporate a 79-year elderly person with cardiovascular breakdown and lung illness, a 78-year-elderly person with various basic conditions, a 56-year-elderly person with diabetes, and a 53-year-elderly person with diabetes and coronary illness.

California: 13. One was in an older individual from Placer County who had as of late gone on a Princess voyage to Mexico. The other was a lady in her 60s from Santa Clara County. The third was in a lady in her 90s who lived in the helped living. The fourth was in a lady in her 60s who had voyage abroad. She kicked the bucket in Los Angeles County yet is certainly not an occupant there.

Florida: 7. They remember a patient for Santa Rosa County who had as of late been on a universal excursion; an individual in their 70s who tried positive in Lee County after a global outing, and a 77-year-elderly person from Lee County.

Lousiana: 4

New Jersey: 3. The state's first demise was in a man in his 60s from Bergen County. The second is a lady in her 50s from Monmouth County.

Georgia: 3. The state's first passing was in a man in his 60s with fundamental conditions. The two latest passings came in Albany, a town in the southwest segment of the state.

Texas: 2

Virginia: 2

Colorado: 2. A female in her 80s from El Paso County, close to Denver. Louisiana: 3. The first was a 58-year-old from New Orleans are who had hidden wellbeing conditions. The second was a 53-year-old from New Orleans, additionally with basic ailments. The third was an 84-year-old.

Kansas: 1. A man in his 70s was taken to a clinic and kicked the bucket not long after. He tried positive for COVID-19 a while later. The man had been living in a long haul care office in Wyandotte County, which imparts a fringe to Missouri. South Dakota: 1. A man in his 60s from Pennington County. Gov. Kristi Noem said he had fundamental wellbeing conditions. Virginia: 1. The patient was a man in his 70s. The wellspring of his contamination isn't known.

Indiana: 1. The patient was in their 60s with fundamental ailments.

Nevada: 1. A man in his 60s with fundamental conditions.

Oregon: 1. A more established man being treated at Portland Veterans' Affairs Medical Center.

South Carolina: 1. An older individual from Lexington County, west of Columbia.

Kentucky: 1. A 66-year-elderly person from Bourbon County, east of Frankfurt.

What actions are open authorities taking to contain the infection?

The U.S. is forbidding all remote travel to the United States from the majority of Europe for the following 30 days starting 12 PM Friday, March 13. American residents are excluded from the boycott. On Saturday, Trump said he would stretch out the boycott to incorporate the UK and Ireland.

The CDC said it has worked with states to extend testing for the infection. The office says that 79 state and neighborhood general wellbeing labs in 50 states and the District of Columbia are presently utilizing COVID-19 tests.

Robert Redfield, MD, chief of the CDC, said during congressional declaration this week that the expense of the coronavirus tests and treatment will both be secured by private protection, something both President Trump and Vice President Mike Pence have said would occur, as well. It varies, notwithstanding, from what private insurance agencies have freely dedicated to doing. The FDA, which must favor new clinical tests, gave crisis endorsement to Roche for a quick reaction test the testing goliath has created. The organization says its gear can look at in excess of 1,400 tests in 24 hours.

These improvements came after the WHO called the coronavirus flare-up a pandemic, recognizing the overall spread of the ailment. At news instructions, WHO Director-General Tedros Adhanom Ghebreyesus said he was frightened by the spread and seriousness of the sickness alongside "disturbing degrees of inaction" in how a few nations are managing it.

He said while he was worried about dread the word may cause, he would have liked to excite reaction by considering it a pandemic. The spread of the infection can, in any case, be contained, he said.

Depicting the flare-up as a pandemic doesn't change what the WHO is doing and it shouldn't change what nations are doing, he said.

"We should twofold down and be progressively forceful," Tedros said.

Notwithstanding testing individuals who have indications and have as of late made a trip to zones where the disease is spreading, similar to China, Italy, and Japan, the CDC likewise plans to start testing individuals with pneumonia that isn't brought about by this season's cold virus through its flu-like ailment observation organize.

Beforehand, the office would possibly acknowledge a test if the patient had made a trip to China or had close contact with somebody who had been there.

Authorities and organizations are cooperating to stop the spread of the infection. Sports groups have suspended or dropped play; gatherings, celebrations, and occasions are dropped; and numerous schools and colleges have shut or are doing on the web classes.

The U.S. is forbidding any outside guests who have originated from China and Iran from entering the nation, and this week Trump stretched out that boycott to most remote nationals going from Europe.

The isolating of individuals coming back to the U.S. from China seems to have succeeded, as there have constrained reports of the evacuees adding to the soaring number of U.S. cases.

Fauci, of the National Institute of Allergy and Infectious Diseases, said the severe insurances are justified as a result of "the issue now with this is there is a lot of questions."

He brought up that the quantity of cases "has steeply slanted every single day."

We currently know for sure that an individual without indications can transmit the sickness, Fauci said.

Wellbeing authorities additionally explained the qualifications among segregation and isolation. Separation is utilized to keep an individual who's as of now wiped out from tainting others. Isolates limit the development of somebody who has been uncovered yet isn't yet wiped out.

The CDC as of late encouraged individuals to get ready for the spread of the coronavirus, notice that it was probably going to turn out to be increasingly regular in the U.S.

"Interruption to regular day to day existence may be serious," Messonnier said. "It's less of an issue of if this will occur right now however an issue of when this will occur.

"We are approaching the American open to get ready for the desire this may be awful."

Which nations have travel limitations?

The U.S. State Department has exhorted against the movement to China and Iran, giving a Level 4 warning.

The CDC has additionally given a Level 3 tourism warning for South Korea, Iran, and the greater part of Europe. That implies individuals ought to keep away from insignificant travel. There is a Level 2 worldwide flare-up notice. Level 2 implies that more seasoned individuals and individuals with interminable conditions ought to consider deferring unnecessary travel. Additionally, most outside countries going from Europe, and remote nationals from China and Iran are incidentally prohibited from entering the U.S.

The CDC additionally prescribes that all explorers, and particularly those with fundamental conditions, evade journey transport travel. Travelers in higher hazard classes ought to likewise maintain a strategic distance from planes and huge social occasions, the organization says. 

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