Progressing Your Cat to a New Food

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Progressing Your Cat to a New Food

The best foods for cats

 Despite the explanation behind the switch, odds are you should change your feline to another nourishment eventually in her life. At the point when it's a great opportunity to roll out the improvement, attempt to take as much time as is needed with your feline's change starting with one nourishment then onto the next.

Felines have touchy stomachs and may turn out to be sick or quit eating if their nourishment is changed unexpectedly. This can happen when another nourishment adjusts the intestinal condition, which may prompt the runs, regurgitating and a refusal to eat—that is the reason it's ideal to step by step wean your feline off the present nourishment and onto the enhanced one.

Our companions at Purina suggest utilizing the "1/4 at regular intervals" rule:
  • Include 25% new nourishment at regular intervals until your feline is totally changed to the new eating routine.

  • Start by encouraging your feline 75% of her present nourishment and 25% new nourishment for the initial four days.

  • On the fifth day change to half current nourishment and half new nourishment for the following four days.

  • By day nine you ought to encourage 25% "old" nourishment and 75% new for the accompanying four days.

  • In somewhat less than about fourteen days, your feline will be completely progressed to the new nourishment!