LIVE GAME LOG: No. 25 West Virginia (9-1) at Youngstown State (7-5)

LIVE GAME,25 West Virginia,(9-1) at Youngstown,State (7-5)
LIVE GAME LOG: No. 25 West Virginia (9-1) at Youngstown State (7-5)

25 West Virginia (9-1) at Youngstown State (7-5)

West Virginia men's loops are preparing for a street challenge against the Youngstown State Penguins.

Weave Huggins is facing Jerrod Calhoun, one of his previous partners at the two Cincinnati and West Virginia, for the second time since Calhoun started at YSU in 2017.

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Second HALF:

Last: WVU wins it 75-64 for their tenth win of the period.

:59 (WVU 72, YSU 64): The Mountaineers have Gabe Osabuohien at the line planning to expand their lead with time running out.

 The Mountaineers may have this one.

3:53 (WVU 65, YSU 57): Sherman has risen as a significant lift from the seat with his scoring aggregate up to 10 now on 40 percent shooting.

 Culver and Tshiebwe are driving the route for WVU (16 and 15 focuses separately), yet YSU's Quisenberry drives everybody with 17.

6:32 (WVU 62, YSU 56): Derek Culver and Taz Sherman each make a decent play in all-out attack mode end to tilt the scoreboard somewhat more for the Mountaineers. 

There is one detail in which WVU is commanding, and that is focused on the paint (34-18). In spite of this, despite everything, they're taking plenty of jumpers and battling (26.7 percent from profound) .

7:36 (WVU 58, YSU 56): The Mountaineers had the option to get their lead as high as 7 focuses in the subsequent half, however, YSU has shot their way back into this one. 

WVU can't split away in any factual classification, regardless they're battling on offense.

15:05 (WVU 46, YSU 44): Oscar Tshiebwe is applying his will on the game leaving the break, previously putting 7 focuses through the container.

Youngstown State begins with ownership in the subsequent half.

First HALF:

HALF – WVU 35, YSU 38: Darius Quisenberry makes a basin at the signal to expand YSU's lead before halftime. 

He's the game's driving scorer with 15 focuses at the break.

:18.6 (WVU 35, YSU 36): Harler compensates for it with a take and a breakaway dunk to cut into the Penguin lead before halftime.

 With only seconds on the clock, YSU mentor Jerrod Harper calls a break to draw up one final play.

2:02 (WVU 31, YSU 34): Olamide Pedersen gets required the YSU specialized foul, however, Chase Harler misses both free tosses. 

WVU gets the show on the road back and makes a three-pointer to cut into the YSU lead.

3:28 (WVU 26, YSU 32): The Mountaineer offense is slowing down. 

They're down in three significant measurable classifications: bounce back (losing 18-15), additional opportunity focuses (6-2) and seat focuses (10-8).

 These are all detail segments that WVU typically wins with its solid seats and large men. 
6:59 (WVU 25, YSU 25): YSU's Jelani Simons bores a three-pointer to tie it up directly before the media break.

 That has been the narrative of the half up until now — West Virginia is working superbly of securing YSU for part of the shot clock, however, the Penguins are finding the open man who can wreck shots. WVU is likewise losing the bouncing back fight by a couple.

11:46 (WVU 18, YSU 14): Miles McBride checks in for the Mountaineers and promptly expedites his engine the two finishes — in a short time he's as of now included a three-pointer and a bounce back.

14:27 (WVU 14, YSU 12): West Virginia has a 14-12 lead over the Penguins to begin.

 The main purposes of the game originated from the old neighborhood kid Derek Culver, who drives everybody with 7 focuses.

 Darius Quisenberry has demonstrated a risk for WVU so far with 5 focuses for the Penguins, however, the two major men for West Virginia (Culver and Oscar Tshiebwe are telling within up until now.